It’s all about the quality.


Concept development is the first phase of the project. Here we usually work closely with other designers involved in the project and use traditional tools such as sketches, storyboards and moodboards to facilitate communication between everyone involved and iterate towards the final concept.


Previsualisation is the process of visualising each design iteration during the design process. The key here is to be able to do previs without short waiting times. We are able to offer both on-screen and virtual reality previs.


We produce all kinds of content for projection mapping. We combine motion graphics, live shoots and animation to produce amazing visuals for incredible events and experiences.


Creative coding and game engine programming is a large part of what we do. We are able to work both on small & simple projects as well as complex custom low-level programming jobs for all platforms.


We are able to design and manufacture custom multi-media objects. We are experts in infusing them with beauty and interactivity.


We love to go on-site and take care of the hardware installation and programming. We also manufacture our own line of multi-media control system called LightAct.