“Make me not one Star, but many.”

We were commissioned by Sadar + Vuga Architects to design & manufacture a custom-made luminaire for a bathroom in a private residence. The brief was to create an appearance of starry sky.

The luminaire is suspended between 2 mirrors, installed at a 90° angle. And of course, we wanted to use those mirrors to multiply the number of ‘stars’ people see.

The luminaire has just 6 rods altogether, but it appears there are many more, depending on where you stand.

The Process

We took 6 one meter long transparent acrylic rods and painted them in shiny black, except for the tip which we scratched from the inside.

We pushed an LED all the way through each rod to its tip, so it can shine through the scratched acrylic in a nice soft way.

Furthermore, we connected all the LEDs to an in-house built custom electronics module, which creates a gentle changing pattern, that perfectly mimics the twinkling of the night sky.

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