Quark Expeditions from Space

“For truly global companies the only suitable vantage point is Space.”

We partnered with Quark Expeditions, the leader in polar adventures, to create a 360° content viewer from Space – in Virtual Reality.

The Goal

We wanted to create an immersive and exciting virtual environment where users could view 360° videos of Quark’s voyages.

At the same time we wanted to give them an immediate understanding of where on Earth these voyages take place.

We used our own DatSat Framework for Exciting Data Visualisation and modified it to suit Quark’s corporate image.

We then created a very simple interaction system where the users travel from one voyage to the next using only their index fingers (trigger buttons on HTC Vive controllers).

And finally, we organised a virtual exhibition where visitors could immerse themselves in Quark from Space VR experience.

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