Place of Interest VR

“What makes the News?”

In the beginning of 2016 the world was filled with news about Super Bowl and American Elections. And because neither of which was of particular interest to anyone in our office, we became interested in just how frequently a particular topic is updated online.

The Process

So we’ve decided to build a VR environment where you would be able to observe in real-time how often a particular topic is updated on Twitter.

And in order to facilitate an easy and a fun way to browse through all of this information we’ve given the player the power to fly between individual tweets represented as colored boxes floating in mid-air.

We’ve created a sky-high environment with audio background, moving clouds, atmospheric effects – the whole works. The production time was approximately 10 days.

And just for the fun of it, we’ve also created a random tweet generation algorithm, which publishes an encouraging tweet (with #breakingnews hashtag of course) whenever a user crashes into one of the floating boxes.

Special thanks go to our friends at Ratata Studio for lending us their DK2 Rift.

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