The Game

(someone had to do it)

“Dive into the secretive world of Tax Evasion and Offshore Tax Havens.”

Our continuous pursuit to create immersive experiences that combine information with fun has lead us to develop a video game based on #PanamaPapers data leak. The game puts you into the shoes of Rodrigo – the Tax Inspector who chases Tax Evaders in a small rubber dinghy on a beautiful tropical sea.

The Game

Whilst the beautiful tropical island environment of the game is inspired by the common perception of a Tax Haven as a tiny island country, the game illustrates the fact that some of the largest tax havens are countries we normally wouldn’t think of as such.

So while you scoot around in your rubber dinghy sending the Tax Evaders to the bottom of the ocean, you learn about the countries that are on the top of the Financial Secrecy Index list compiled by the Tax Justice Network.

The challenge of the game is to sink as many Tax Evaders as possible as they try to reach their Tax Haven of choice with their boats full of dollars.

The game also simulates various ‘Tax Incentives’ that countries repeatedly invent in order to lure more money in. Once a specific country implements a ‘Tax Incentive’, all of the Evaders run towards it, which presents a challenge and an opportunity for the Player.

AVAILABILITY: #PanamaPapers – the Game will be available soon. Please contact us if you’d like to be informed of its release.

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