“So what is a Light Well?”

A Light Well is a structure that resembles a traditional water well, but instead of water there is light. When you step on the light well, the light ripples away from you.

The Process

Marjut Kauppinen Architects asked us if we can help them create a Light Well on a central market square in Lahti, Finland.

The first challenge we faced was how do you detect where on the Well are people standing? We decided to try with a camera hidden in a bucket above the Well and designed a special computer vision algorithm capable of tracking people on a moving background in any weather condition.

Then we created a 100% interactive content based on location of people on the Well. So that once you step on the glass, gentle white ripples dissipate away from you with near-zero latency.

Media Coverage

  • Professional Lighting Design Magazine
  • Mondo Arc Magazine
  • Illumni Magazine
  • Martin Highlights
  • and many more…


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