Interactive Lightboxes

“Lightboxes that respond to People’s Movements.”

Interactive Lightboxes is installed in LightAct headquarters in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia. As it is a relatively dark street we wanted to create something that would blend into the environment while at the same time attract the visitors and encourage them to interact with the installation.

We designed an interactive lighting installation where Lightboxes play by themselves in a lifelike way when there is no-one in the vicinity. That alerts the approaching people that there is something happening.

But when the visitor approaches the light suddenly moves towards him and starts to follow his movements. This creates a beautiful dynamic light that suddenly becomes much more ‘alive’.

We took care of everything from design of the translucent prints and the testing of their transparency, making of construction and manufacturing documentation for the welders, final on-site assembly, interactive design and lighting control programming.

Media coverage

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  • Mondo Arc Magazine
  • Illumni Magazine
  • Jim on Light Blog
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