Funan Interactive Games

Play (and Stay) just a bit longer!

Hexogon Solution from Singapore chose our Lightact media server for Funan shopping mall. VISIBLE was responsible for producing content for Interactive Games – an 11 by 12 meters large projection area on the floor in the center of Funan.

The Design

We wanted to design the games to be as intuitive and easy-to-play as possible. The reason is that the average visitors doesn’t visit the mall to play games but to do some shopping. The games are an added attraction and a fun element, so they had to instantly catch your attention and provide some quick fun.

We took Funan’s Branding Guidelines as the starting point. The guidelines include a few so-called ‘Passion themes’ which are used through-out the mall. There’s 6 of them (Craft, Taste, Tech, Chic, Play and Fit) and we simply transformed them into interactive VFX.

Funan Guidelines also introduced 4 icons (Tree of Life, Coworking, Maker’s studio and Cycle hub). We created a very simple game concept where the players have to assemble the icons by dragging free-floating blocks into their proper place.

To make it easier and more fun to play, we created a number of hints and helpers guiding the players to successful completion of the game.

The Challenges

The projection area is in the center of a large atrium in the middle of the shopping mall. There’s Lightact’s StereoView tracking camera installed on the ceiling tracking the people on the floor. Lightact is detecting people as blobs and passing their location to Unreal Engine, which generates actors based on these locations.

However, due to the nature of the tracking technology we had to implement a sophisticated mechanism that kept track of individual players and extended their ‘lifetime’ for a few seconds even if its blob disappears (or merged with another blob).


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